Windhorse farms

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For more information please visit our website or email us. The difference between the four grades is the degree of marbling, with the Canada Prime grade having the most marbling. These are considered to be good Fats.

Unique works that combines a sharp eye and adept hands. Cattle are provided organically approved mineral at all times, bale grazing during the winter and using snow are their source of water see pictures on our web.

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The principles we use to raise our animals are based on the humane, low-stress treatment of animals. She raises and trains her own horses giving her insight into horse behavior and developmental issues throughout the life cycle.

Once slaughtered, the beef is dry-aged for 21 days to relax the meat and intensify the flavor. Lone Pine Ranch, located in the beautiful Okanagan high country between Okanagan and Kalamalka lakes, is a small family ranch covering acres of the Upper Commonage grasslands.

We partner with Rodear Meats, a local, licensed, and provincially inspected abattoir located in Beaver Valley, east of Williams Lake, to provide our high quality cuts and Windhorse farms. This starts with naturally fertile soil to grow a variety of healthy plants, which our animals graze to provide us with nutritious and great tasting meat.

Our cattle use nose pumps from fenced dug outs. Our beef comes from pairing two hearty Scottish Breeds — Galloway and Angus.

Unique works that combines a sharp eye and adept hands.

A combination of Genetics, Grass finishing, Low stress handling, and Dry aging enable us to offer premium quality Grass Fed beef, pork, and lamb to our clients. Located 10 km from our Heritage Farms, they are a government inspected facility and a third generation Comox Valley business specializing in custom meat processing.

Our water buffalo thrive on grass and haylage from our own property. Whole chickens are available on farm and at retail locations.

Unique works that combines a sharp eye and adept hands.

We also run a meat account program that allows customers to make pre-payment installments for their wholesale meat orders. Our cows are on Pasture from May until October. We offer grass fed beef and lamb for sale from August - October.

They graze on our farm weather permitting and we supplement with alfalfa. We are always looking for the next great employee to add to our wonderful team. Through upgrades to the watering system and rotational grazing we conserve water and minimize impact on the land.

Located on the eastern slope of the Porcupine Hills west of Stavely, Alberta, we run a smaller herd of Welsh Black and Longhorn cows with Welsh Black bulls, producing grassfed beef from under 30 months of age steers purebred and crosses off summer native grass pasture, following a no-hormone implant, no anti-biotic, no grain, humane treatment protocol.

Problem Statement Above much, the farm is faced with a few main decisions as to how to attack this problem. No grain or animal by-products are fed to any of our ruminant animals.

Barefoot Horse Trimmers -- Any bare foot horse trimmers out there that are willing to have new clients find them to help them better assist their barefoot horses, navicular horse, foundered horses etc. For those of you who have been with us before, you are familiar with how we produce our beef. Livestock grown for meat include chicken, turkey, pork, beef and laying hens for their eggs are seasonally raised in a chemical-free, pasture-based environment and moved to fresh forage as needed.

MacDonald Farm Store also has our wool products socks, pillows, comforters, yarn and in-season produce. Some of our beef is fed certified organic feed, but we are pleased to offer certified organic grass finished beef in the fall.

Rafter 2 R Ranch has been producing and marketing grass fed and finished beef since We arrange semi-regular delivery to points in and between Calgary and Edmonton, as product is available and demand regular.

Through our farming activities we aim to promote ecosystems that nourish biodiversity and healthy life. The organic beef is sold by the hanging weight and can be sold by the whole, half or quarter.

We specialize in producing certified organic beef. All of our activities are based on our Holistic goal which highlights our desire to work with our family in a safe and healthy environment and to demonstrate stewardship of our land and coach lines inc: 1 homecare agency corp: west monroe street: h c emp pension fund: hcemp health care employees.

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Windhorse Farms Terry Houston MBA b2 Professor Watson November 27, Executive Summary The contents of this case analysis include an overall purpose to provide you, Professor Watson, with an understanding of the business problem that Jim Drescher, owner of Windhorse Farm, must make in a matter of a few days.

Windhorse Farm is a quiet, peaceful place that welcomes horses to retire and their owners to willeyshandmadecandy.comd in Williamsfield, Ohio just west of the Pennsylvania border, Windhorse Farm offers horse retirement, poodle sales, and a pet cemetery.

Windhorse is a magical natural landscape and vibrant community located on Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore; it comprises sustainably managed woodlands, a wood products business, organic permaculture gardens, a conference centre with state of the art facilities, off-the-grid cabins, and unlimited opportunities for visitors to engage with nature.

Windhorse farms
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