Write a paragraph about tet holiday in viet nam

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Tet Festival in Vietnam

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Vietnamese Traditional Holiday Tet Essay Sample

Tet marks the beginning of a new year on the lunar calendar, and the beginning of spring. Tet is a huge celebration lasting three days. A particularly popular photo opportunity on the Ma Pi Leng Pass is looking back across the valley, down into a narrow gorge created by the Nho Que River as it squeezes through the mountains.

Vietnamese people usually get together at one house in the morning during the first day of Tet.

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Ha Giang Extreme North Motorbike Loop

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Tet Holiday in Vietnam Essay Sample

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Festivities occur throughout the country, but this is a family holiday and many of the traditions of observance occur in the home.


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Tet is the most important festival of the Vietnamese calendar, a vibrant and colorful national celebration that marks the beginning of the lunar new year.

Tet Festival in Vietnam | USA Today Skip. Tet Holiday in Vietnam Essay Sample. The season of Tet occurs around the biginning of February and end of Janaurỵ The meaning of Tet is ending old year and welcome a new year. Tet is an important holiday for every family in Vietnam, thus I will introduce you about the first three days of my family in Vietnamese New Year.

Tet is a huge celebration lasting three days. The first day is a special day of my family during that time. Ha Giang, Vietnam's northern-most province, is home to a mythical landscape of conical limestone peaks & craterous valleys.

Over the years, it has gained an almost legendary status among travellers. This motorbike loop is perhaps the most thrilling road trip in the country Continue reading →.

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Write a paragraph about tet holiday in viet nam
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